Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Been a While

I was sitting at the computer thinking of things to do.....thats what a normal person does at 11pm right?  Not go to bed and get rest, walk over, sit in front of the old PC and Google things to do.  That didnt turn out well.  You would think with the amount of things you can find to do on the internet that I came up empty.
While staring at my 5th search of randomness, I looked at the favorites, seeing if I  scare something up there.  I did, my old blog.  Been about 18 months since I wrote here.  I can see it was a giant loss for many people due to the huge influx of texts, tweets, emails and personal requests to start writing again.  I know its tough in written form to relay sarcasm....that last sentence was my attempt.  I read my whole library of blog posts, now 12 minutes later, I have finished all 11 of them.  What did that get me?  A few things.  The realization I needed to proofread better, the lack of knowledge on how to use a comma in certain spots, (and overall lack of different grammar and punctuation that will make most English teachers cringe), the little smile brought to my face from remembering the fun I had in writing, reading what I tossed on this evil little time/sleep stealing demon machine, and checking in to see what people had commented.  Ah the good old days.  About 45 of them a year and a half ago.
What has changed since my last diatribes?  A little.  We are all a bit older in the home, I am still fat (not quite as, but big).  Large enough for my loving, dear, sweet two year old to walk over, pat my stomach and say "Baby in dere?"  Side note, gotta teach the little one the whole if you dont have anything nice to say rule.  Seeing we didnt have enough love in the house, we decided to add another to the mix and spew more love around.  No we didnt get a puppy, we have another little one on the way.
So enough rambles for now.  I am expecting no one will see this.  I am not going to publish like I did on the other posts.  I am just writing to write.  I can say what I want with little fear that anyone will read it, for now, I am ok with that.
If someone does chance upon this a few things......I appreciate you taking the time, sorry I am not checking what I wrote as much as I have in the past, Welcome, and find something you like to do, then do it.  If you feel the need to share it with others, then do that as well, just dont care what they say, if you like it, if it makes you feel good, smile, whatever, it doesnt matter what others say - Joel

P.S. Maybe Ill do this again soon....also if this is your first visit, please go back and read the other posts, it will help you understand the scary place I call my head.  Lastly, dunno if this is going to be a running thing or just a place to write about whatever........

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Scream, You Scream.

Ever as a kid, or an adult for that matter, get the feeling like when you step away from the ice cream truck with your yummy 3 scoop cone and sprinkles in hand, turn around and *plop* the ice cream hits the grass.  You are out of cash, ice cream guy is not gonna help you out, you're just done.  Think for a brief second that you can salvage the grass, ant, dirt, worm, stone ice cream that is melting by the second.  Then you realize it as a fruitless effort and want to sit on the curb and wallow in what has been lost.
That was me Thursday.  Maybe not quite as dramatic, but sad still.  Got home, had some dinner with my ladies, played a bit, then we got the little ones ready for bed.  My wife, after putting the youngest to sleep, comes in to relieve me of the duties of the eldest so I can run.  I get my gear on, grab the iPod for music, the phone for map my run, and toss on the sneaks.  I know 2 pieces of technology so I can run.  Listen, the iPod doesn't work without internet connection for Map My Run and the phone doesn't have an armband so I can use it for music....yet.  I'm out the door.  I do a little warm up, then a bit of a stretch and, I'm off.
Today I am going to try for 3 miles.  I mapped it out earlier, ready to move to the next point in my running.  Actually feeling pretty good.  I figured that since today was the day I decided to move to the next marker I wouldn't be "feeling" this run.  Nope, I am good.  A decent pace, a nice May eve, not even thinking about the real big hill that will be near the end of my run, just flowing.  I like.
*PLOP*  Actually more of a pop.  For no reason I can fathom, an odd pop/twinge happens in my calf.  Didn't mis-step, didn't hit a hole, just put my foot down as I had been for the past half mile.  I'm not in writhing pain, I don't crumble to the pavement.  I just stop, wait, hope.  I know it's not going to change, but there is a chance, it didn't feel too bad.  I take a couple of steps, lightly, testing.  Nope, I'm done running.  I stand at the side of the road, feel that ice cream on ground on a hot summers day disappointment and turn to walk the same half mile I just ran home.  I'm limping a bit, nothing horrible, nothing career ending.  (It's at this time I send what I think a clever text to my wife about the new app I found for my phone, it's called Map My Limp.  I didn't get the response I thought from it.  She and others I have told didn't really even chuckle.  I found it fairly amusing).
I get home, assess the damage.  A little sore near the bottom of the calf.  Not horrible when I walk, I am favoring it a bit though.  Not too bad, maybe it will pass quicker than I thought.  Right about this point I start cursing that we have so many stairs in our home.  Seems that flat terrain is good, not to much strain.  On the other hand, the motion of up or down the stairs has turned me into a toddler.  I am one stepping the stairs.  Yeah, a bit more pain there.  Again, I think I will survive, just disappointment, I am really enjoying this running thing.
It seems better today, still sore, still right there.  I can walk a bit better without the pirate limp.  I can almost walk the stairs like a big boy.  Now I just have to rest it and let it heal.  I just have a small bit of fear waiting for when I decide it's time to run again.  How long will it be into this run when my calf plays pop goes the weasel.  Great, now that's running through my head.  At least I can take solace in the fact 1 if not more of you will be joining me in that.  You're welcome.
Just another hurdle in the quest to become a real live runner.  As in any activity there are injury possibilities.  I accept that.  I am just used to having someone crash into me to cause pain and put me on I.R.  So, I will take care of my leg while I sit less than patient until I can reclaim the roads near home.  Don't be sad for me, I'll be back out there soon.
A special note, in case I don't get back on.  Happy Mothers Day to those of you that are Mothers and a reminder to those that have forgotten, it's Sunday.    -Joel

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walk it off. YOU Walk it off!!!

Been a few days.  Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you.  Seems when I don't run as much, I don't post as much.  I have taken a little bit off from both.  No real big reason, just things haven't meshed with running and I haven't pushed for it, I haven't made it happen.  Tomorrow, I have it set already, I'm running.
Part of the reason I haven't is the disappointment I have been feeling when I cannot run my full route and have to walk.  I would be fine with it if it was something like my cardio where I just couldn't due to breathing, or just flat out tired.  I'm not though.  I have been getting a pain in my leg, about the 1 mile mark and it will last until about 10 minutes or so after I finish running.  I have to see why it is, how I can fix or at least minimize it.  It annoys me, it is stopping me from pushing to the next mile mark.  Scares me a bit too, worried that it just might be me.  You know, go to the doc, "Doc, it hurts when I do this."  "Well, then don't do that" says the doc.  Concerned that it is what it is and cannot be fixed.  I had really messed up my ankle in my senior year.  Tendons, ligaments, everything in there but the bones.  Was told it would heal proper and be good as new.  I followed directions to a tee.  Crutches, ice, lace brace, no pressure on it for weeks.  I was a good patient, did everything I was told to.  Didn't heal quite right.  Well, that's the reason I worry a bit.  Not something I can run through, cant walk it off either.  Best way to describe.....put a flipper on your right foot, have the side of your leg from ankle to just below the knee spasm nice and tight....then run.  Kinda what it's like.  Can't stretch it away, can't rub it out (my leg) just stops a few after I stop running, doesn't come back till the mile mark of my next trot.  Rest, ice, heat, voodoo magic doesn't seem to work so, next up is good ole American doctorin'.
That covers my running.  Why you ask have I not been tickling the keys on the computer?  Great question, glad you asked.  I have been, just not publishing it.  Stay tuned.  Mixed in with the regular posts you have come to love, words you cannot live without, or maybe all in a row, a little series I have been working on.  It fits here, its fitness.  Get it, fits, fitness.  Hmm, tough crowd.  Its a mixture of things, all fitness related.  All focused on weight loss and ways to get the results you want.  Nope, not a special pill, diet, fad workout.  I guess it could be call the anti of all of those.  Just some ideas, observations, experiences, and opinions I have.  Well, keep an eye out, I will be putting it up soon (ohhh teaser to get you excited and draw you back in).
As always, thanks for reading.      - Joel

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wagons Should Have Seat Belts

April comes to a close and so does my 1st month of running/writing.  Not really a full month, closer to 3 weeks but who is counting.  I feel I am doing well in both areas.  Not exactly where I wanted to be, but better than where I was.  Still loving when I get out to run, and when I finish have a sort of excitement for the "next one".  The blog, just shy of 400 hits for the month.  It will be sweet if both grow, more miles and more readers.
Not quite ready to hit any races yet, I want to make sure there is still someone at the end to welcome me to the finish.  I'm afraid they might all have gone home by the time I cross the line.  There is a kind of impatience to it though.  I want to run a race, I want to be at my target weight, I want to do long runs like a boss.  With the impatience comes a level of understanding.  While I want to run 26.2 tomorrow, I know I need to pace, build, and be happy with where I am now and the small strides I am making.
I think I will start looking at some local 5k races and sign up.  Not tomorrow, but one soon.  Maybe June.  Oh, kinda rhymed.
A little scare here at the homestead.  Through the past week or so we realized someone has broken in our home and been filling the sink with dishes that have been used for un-runner food.  No suspects yet but I will keep you posted.  I haven't noticed any signs of forced entry, nothing taken, no alarms tripped so, it may have been an inside job.  I'm keeping my eye on the little one.  She may not talk or walk yet but she's a crafty lil thing.  Only so much milk and pureed foods one can stand.  Seeing this has made us take a step back.  More salads for lunch instead of leftovers.  No eating after 7ish.  Funny thing, if you feed a mogwai after midnight they turn to a gremlin, if you don't feed a Joel after 9pm they turn a bit gremlin-like.  (Did you know Howie Mandel was the voice for Gizmo?  He found he could do that voice on time choking on cake as a kid.  True story).   A bit of a re-affirmation on eating for us.  By no means are we horrible eaters, on the other hand, we aren't super great eaters.  I would put us in the better eater category overall.  Still, we need to keep an eye out.
It's ok to fall off the wagon a bit, or dive head first and land in a bowl of ice cream.  The important part is to get up, not be mad at the accidental dive into said ice cream and run to catch that wagon and hop back on.  Slips like that have to be expected.  I didn't add the extra me by over eating carrots and apples. Difference is, slips aren't gigantic falls and I don't stay down as long.  I hop back up, and grab the closest glass of water and "good for you" food.
So the trek might take a little longer, there may be peaks and valleys in the trip, and that is all good as long as I don't stop.  Just keep the forward motion, be it walk, run, or crawl.  Just keep moving, then, I will hit those goals.
Ok last post for April, which has not switched to May while I was writing, it's fine, Ill publish west coast time.  2 notes.  Firstly, I wanted to say Thank you to my super awesome great wife and besty.  We celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss yesterday (now two days ago).  You are the greatest, I love you Christine!!!
And B,  anyone have a hint at why the point from my ankle to my knee hurts on my one leg?  Straight line, drawn from the ankle up the side to just blow the side of the knee.  Makes the runs less of a run.
Thanks, I really do appreciate the time you spend here.  It makes me smile every time I log in and check the stats.  Keep on reading, also keep on hopping back up on what ever wagon you fall from.  - Joel

Friday, April 27, 2012

Eating, Not Where You Shoot for Fastest Time

I mentioned before I was switching how/what I eat.  I didn't want to "diet" I wanted to still eat the things I like, enjoy a pint, Jack and coke, or pint of Jack,  but not totally alter my eating habits.  I know there are changes that need to be made.  Additions as well as subtractions in the whole scheme of what I decide to toss down my gullet.
If you want recipes, low-fat food, what fits where in the ever evolving food pyramid, you wont find it here.  I will still have ice cream, which I believe in the current pyramid is just right of Guinness and on top of chicken finger sub.
Two of my biggest issues are quantity and late night snacks.  I come from a retail background and with limited or short breaks, I would finish a meal in 52.1 seconds.  Actually, I think the speed originated from having to finish so my sister didn't steal it.  I eat so quickly I don't know I am full until I have 3 servings too much of something and sit on the couch 20 minutes later wondering if I might literally start shooting shirt buttons across the room.  Look out kids, Dads shooting, duck and cover the 37 pounds of General Tso might have been a tad too much.  Just like running I have to learn to pace meals.  I figured this out easy a few weeks ago when I bolted out of my driveway at speeds a professional marathoner would be proud of only to get a block away and wonder if I am going to have to crawl home.  I pace now running, a bit of run, a little walk, slower run, faster walk.  I'm not getting dizzy or passing out 4 houses down now.  Why is it then that dinner is a sprint?  My wife sits down and I'm putting my plate in the sink cause I am finished, and I already had seconds of some.  Yeah, I eat fast.  When I think about it and take my time I find I am full with usually 1 serving and maybe a little too full at that.  I give my stomach time to tell my brain "fatty, we can't hold anymore down here, we're gonna blow!".  A good steady pace.  Be the tortoise, you don't see fat turtles, they eat too slow to gain weight.
My other problem is eating well past the recommended magic hour of 7pm.  Give or take, they, the skinny experts that do everything right and have 6-packs, say no eating after 7.  I guess if you go to bed at a normal time and don't stay up writing blogs then 7 is a good time to stop eating.  Of course, if you stay up late doing whatever and are really hungry you could probably eat something good for you like veggies.  Nope, late night eating demands something that is going to add onto your pounds so parts of your body that shouldn't shake from simple tasks like brushing your teeth jiggle in such a way to rival St. Nick.  That's how you late night snack if you are going to.  So, to those that have duties that keep you up after 9-10pm.  Try first to drink lots of water, they say that fills you up, tricks your body into thinking you are full.  Well, someone told my body long ago about that trick, doesn't work for me.  It laughs and says "sure, we are all set, no need to actually taste anything or have density to satisfy your hunger".  Seeing that does nothing for me, except make be get up from the computer on an all to regular basis like a pregnant lady at 9months with an 8 pound baby on her bladder, I choose to eat.  No, just like pacing at dinner, I need to find my trick here.  I don't know, maybe put the 5 scoops of cookie dough down and grab something a little better.  See, I still want to eat at these hours.  I don't want to make a wholesale change to what I do, I just need to adjust.  With the changes, including running or whatever exercise (you would think writing about running, health, losing weight I could spell exercise and not have to hit backspace 6 times cause spell check tells me I'm wrong) I should drop down to a better weight.
If you are looking at getting healthier, maybe you don't need to lose weight, just want to tone up, I hate you if that is the case, maybe you need to lose both your daughters baby weight and your wife's pregnancy weight, no matter your situation, you don't have to just rely on twigs, nuts, and dandelion leaves.  Just start with small adjustments and you will see some results.
Before I let you go, I have said before I really appreciate your time here and love to hear about what you are doing, things you have tried, or just how you feel about my witty literature (your words not mine)(ok mine).  I wanted to share 2 quick things.  First there is a guy that for whatever reason, not saying it was me, I have no idea why but glad to hear, this guy has started going to the gym, consecutive days, almost a week now I think.  That is great to hear, from no working out to finding himself there day in and out, great start!!!!!!   The second thing, comes from a lass that told me reading this inspires her to start running again.  That is awesome, not the reason I tell you, I tell you because she doesn't know if she can fit runs into her schedule, but may be able to get some long walks in pulling a wagon behind her.  As she said, might be little but steps in the right direction.  So true, something is better than nothing.
So I bid you farewell now, don't listen to anyone I work with if they say I brought in 2 dozen donuts for them today.....they lie.  Take care, keep the messages, comments and views coming.
Thanks - Joel

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running is FUN????

No running past two days.  I'm a bit surprised but very glad to say, that makes me a bit sad.  I know I have only been running a couple weeks, but I have quickly grown to look forward to abusing myself.  I am by no means saying I am a "runner", yet.  I am at this point someone who really enjoys bolting, yeah right bolting, around the neighborhood.  I have tons to learn and a lots of miles to log, but I am really excited to look down the road and see what I have in store.
I could have run one of the past two days but didn't due to weather and not having the proper attire.  Go ahead, say it, yeah I live and have live in this great Western New York weather my whole life, I can stand a little cold.  I could,  I just don't want to after the last run.   I have found I have no pants.  No not standing in front of an audience just in my undies, I have nothing to run in.  Two days I have searched for a pair of spandex like pants that I used to wear under my goalie equipment for hockey.  Sadly, not only could I not fine those hot little pants but, I cannot find my goalie equipment.  Ill have to make a missing poster.  Alright, back on course.  So, no pants = no runny runny for me.  Some one told me to go to the gym and run on the treadmill.  HA I say to that.  I am spoiled by the open road and few long weeks I have been beating a path on the asphalt.  Well, ok, I just like outdoor running better than indoor.  I have no idea what I will do next November or December.  I am still pantless and because I am a little cheap and feel the summer weather will break soon, I am not going to buy a pair.  
Now I have a bit of and conundrum, treadmill, no running or "dorm pants".  You know the plaid, cotton, drawstring pj like pants.  None of those 3 seem all that great of an idea to me.  So then it hits me getting out of my car after work tonight, heading into my abode.  Soccer socks!!!!  I have no idea why it came to me, I wasn't thinking of a solution at that point, wasn't even thinking of running.  That my friends is my world.  Random things at random times pop in my head.  Ask my family, or the poor guys that sit near me at work.  Yeah, probably scare people a bit. 
I have my solution.  A pair or two of those bad boys will cover most if not all of the leg that isn't covered by my shorts.  Sweet.  So now, tomorrow, I will run.  I am not 100% that my solution is really all that great but, it is better than nothing below the shorts or not running at all.  As I am sure you have guessed, I will let you know how I fair.  
Tonight's little post has no lesson hidden, advice, or example, unless you found one, then tell me.  I just wanted to write tonight.  I guess these are starting to be similar, the blogging and running.  I want to do more and more of each, don't care what people think of the end result as long as I can enjoy doing it.  

Once again, thanks for stopping by, I really do enjoy seeing the comments, messages and having people stop me to talk or ask about this.  Keep them coming, keep checking back and just for fun, share with someone else, either cause you found something you liked or just to say look at monkey boy hammer those keys and see the jibberish that flows from that.  And, if you don't want to comment here but want to share something, ask something or just tell me I am a clown, I have many means to get your message. In case you missed, here are links to follow, friend, +1 or message me

Have a good day - Joel

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So, I am up to 2 miles.  Not going at breakneck speeds and there is walking involved, no shame in walking.  I figure only gotta multiply that by 13.1 and I'm running a marathon.  13 isn't bad.  My wife loves that number.  My daughter was born on that day (it was a Friday too).  13 x 2, easy math, no problem.  That is until you actually think about that number in a distance or see where you would have to go in Google Maps to get there.  Ok, I might be getting a bit ahead of myself here.  I'm thinking we start a bit smaller.  2 x 1, then we will maybe up that to 2 x 1.25....you're getting the idea.
Anyway, I went out today.  I was ready as I have missed a day or so, no big deal, just kind of excited to go today.  2 miles, Ill be done in 30 mins including stretching after.  Did anyone go outside today?  Say around 9:30am?  It was a bit cold, wasn't ready for that.  No worries,  I started running, not winter cold out I'm ok.  Shortly after, I started walking???  I just did this, I ran much further last time, before I had to walk.  That's fine, I'll chalk it up to my bare, pasty white legs not wanting to move cause of the chilled breeze hitting them.  Get 'em a little loose, then I'll continue like the other day.  No I won't.  I continue just like I started run a little then walk a little, well a little more than I ran.  I continue that pace until I reach my driveway.
During the run, I started to get a little bothered that it is such a difference from the last run.  I'm not worried if I don't improve every time I go to zip around the neighborhood, even if I dip a little no biggie, just keep plugging along (or for those of you that have seen Finding Nemo in your best Dory "just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Yeah if you have seen the movie, you now hate me cause that is in your head the rest of the day).  So no worries if I don't break my own records here but, I still think not good.  It starts to get to me a bit as the walking continues.  I'm not happy with today.  Then for whatever reason, I thought, you know, there are good and bad days.  With that, there will be real good days and of course then, to keep the balance of life, real bad days.  Today wasn't a horrible day by any stretch.  I am still very glad I went out.
I have no idea what changed in my mind.  I am glad I was able to come to the realization that it is going to happen, there will be bad runs.  Wait, bad days of running, better.  I would rather have a bad day of running than the previous.
Even if you aren't running, biking, walking or any working out, keep that in mind.  Every day cannot be your best.  You are going to have good or bad work days, good or bad days with friends, it makes things more interesting.  I think it would be kind of boring knowing every day was going to be middle of the road.  Yeah, you don't have to worry about those evil bad days but, you will never get to have that I'm on top of the world, everything is going my way type of day either.
I chose to share today with you not to say the sun will come out tomorrow, don't think it will, I looked at the weather, gonna start making that a habit on running days.  I wanted to share this mostly for those starting, struggling, or debating on working out.  If you get turned off by something, especially if its a certain type of activity you really look forward to, it can lead to you turning away from that activity and possibly not finding something to fill it.
I got home today, not bothered that it took me longer or that I had to walk a good part of it but, wanting to go again.  Not so I can kick today's run in the teeth, just so I can get out there again.  To do something that I enjoy that should help me lose a bit of this jiggle Santa and I share.  When you are in the midst of something you normally enjoy and for whatever reason it sucks the life from you this time, use the fact that next time you will be back in love with doing it to get you through.

Well last week I gave you a challenge.  By the overwhelming response of comments I got back I see that went well.  So, if you did change something last week, how did it go?  Did you follow that change for the week?  Jill, did you get back on the point tracking bandwagon?  Like I said up top, I'm at 2 miles.  I said I was going to change from 1 mile to 1.5-2.
Have a good day - Joel